Children will learn to do, what they want to learn to do!

Here is an amazing video that featured on TED which features the work of an Indian Educator/Academic, Sugata Mitra. Read below from Generation YES blog post…

Two things were said that supports our personalised approach:-

  • Children will learn to do, what they want to learn to do!
  • He met with Arthur C Clarke who said, “If children have interest then education happens”

Sugata Mitra has done pioneering research with computers, learning and children, especially about learning in parts of the world where, as he says, “good teachers don’t want to go.”

He talks about some of his old concepts, such as the Hole in the Wall project, where computers were placed in walls in the slums of India, and what happened as the children taught themselves and others how to use them. His concept of “Minimally Invasive Education” is based on these experiments, basically giving children fully functional computers and time to explore questions of interest. The results were amazingly consistent — children can achieve basic competency on computers completely on their own, even when the interfaces were in languages they didn’t understand. It calls into question the whole definition of technology literacy and how we traditionally teach it.

Here is another video I found with Sugata talking about the influence of Slumdog Millionaire and some more projects he is wporking on:


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