Prototype, People and Program

Wow. What an exciting few weeks.
People I have met interested in this model of learning.
People who are keen to be involved.
Possible places to buy or rent.
Ideas all over the world to use and adapt.

Time now to settle back into reality.
Working now on just using the room I have (no extra cost) – refit our games room to be just how we want it to be.
Link with a couple of key mentors for the students and see how they fit the learning prototype I am creating.
Develop the program using the key elements/principles that produce a personalised learning approach.
Chuck out all the rest or wait to use them if they fit the learning needs of a student.

Discipline is needed now to get to work on what will produce the required result. (Seth Godin tip)

IMG_1475 IMG_1473 copy


Locations and Leaders


Deciding on a location to operate iLearn – in the REAL world, as a learning centre has been a tough decision.
I have a large rumpus room at home which is a very cost effective option and have found a building in a great location close to residential  and commercial businesses. Short term I am only interested in the front section which has a large carpeted room and an entrance foyer with office, kitchen and toilets. Long term I have big plans for the whole building. I have asked for a lease cost on the front section and if it is reasonable I look like going with that option.

Over the last month I have also met some wonderful people both locally and online who are very interested in my work and we are exploring the possibility of working together collaboratively to help each other.

  • Local mentors and business owners
  • Video shop owner in a town nearby who pioneered his own internet company in Silicon Valley
  • Melbourne educator and technology whiz also setting up his own learning program
  • Gippsland writer and educator keen to pass on the love of writing to young people
  • Melbourne maths whiz with his own maths learning centre
  • A number of educators and innovative learners around Australia and internationally keen to support and mentor¬†young people

I am in the process of getting all my learning systems documented and then put together the promotional materials and then hit the media to recruit students for my full time, face to face program and an online version for students in other towns.

Recently I have been reminded on Gandhi’s saying: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
Rather than attempt to provoke change in the education system or advocating for change on the outside I think the best approach for me is to BE who I am called to be, provide the gift of learning to young people and leave the rest to God.