What would be unreal learning for a teen?

I think it would include the following:

  • Spending time doing what they want to do – more time following interests/passion
  • More time outside the classroom than inside – more workplace visits and internships
  • Less time listening to the teacher – and more individual projects
  • Teacher/adult knows me and is interested – more time spent in small groups and one teacher
  • Not doing subjects I don’t like or aren’t relevant – instead individual learning plans that are personalised
  • More work experience – 2 days a week (all year for 4 years from Year 9) doing shadow days and internships
  • Explore university or higher education before year 12 – doing university units or certificate courses in early years
  • Get an edge to get a job – spend time in workplaces and demonstrate skills and work (portfolio)
  • Less tests and exams – assessed by demonstrating my work and skills by exhibitions
  • Sounds too good to be true?
Coming soon in Shepparton, Unreal! Learning for students who learn differently.
Contact me for more info: geoff@scratchmeback.com.au

A personal learning approach – a needed alternative

The school system meets the need of many kids, but not all.
Some kids are bored, frustrated and very capable of taking some ownership of their own learning.
Many families are annoyed that teachers have to spend so much time managing kids’ behaviours in the classroom before they can get into teaching.
Teachers work very hard and dearly want to make a difference in their kids’ lives, but the system and large class numbers makes this increasingly difficult.

I have resigned from the school system to offer a personalised learning approach for interested families.
A model that offers the following:

  • allows kids to follow their interests/passion
  • small groups
  • personal learning plans
  • work in the community with mentors
  • parents as partners in their learning

If you are in the Shepparton area and interested to explore this further, let me know.
0459 215 205