What would be unreal learning for a teen?

I think it would include the following:

  • Spending time doing what they want to do – more time following interests/passion
  • More time outside the classroom than inside – more workplace visits and internships
  • Less time listening to the teacher – and more individual projects
  • Teacher/adult knows me and is interested – more time spent in small groups and one teacher
  • Not doing subjects I don’t like or aren’t relevant – instead individual learning plans that are personalised
  • More work experience – 2 days a week (all year for 4 years from Year 9) doing shadow days and internships
  • Explore university or higher education before year 12 – doing university units or certificate courses in early years
  • Get an edge to get a job – spend time in workplaces and demonstrate skills and work (portfolio)
  • Less tests and exams – assessed by demonstrating my work and skills by exhibitions
  • Sounds too good to be true?
Coming soon in Shepparton, Unreal! Learning for students who learn differently.
Contact me for more info: geoff@scratchmeback.com.au

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