Is School Enough?

As I work towards getting back into primary teaching this video really gets me thinking as to how best can we enable primary students to get learning opportunities outside the school. To link the relevance of work and learning is a real key to student engagement.


Primary Teaching here I come

I have made a decision to go back to do some primary teaching. In the process of making contact with the small local schools. When I did some work for Undera Primary School a few months back I had a yearning for the work again in a rural school and its community.

It hasn’t been an easy decision but financial necessity has brought it on and the realisation I am a teacher (albeit much more progressive than I was years back). I also realise now the great value of learning being more personalised and kids doing authentic work both in and outside of the school.
iLearn will continue for the few students I still have and if I get some work on the days the students are here then Judy will fill in for me.

This was the Facebook response from my friends and ex students. Very encouraging indeed.

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