Lost Generations


Unfortunately, it wasn’t until both my mum and dad passed away that I started to become interested in local history and that of my own family. Too late to ask my parents….

Over the past 6 months I have stumbled into being keenly interested in History through photographs.
I now manage 16 Facebook pages such as Lost Shepparton, Lost Echuca Moama, Lost Bendigo & District (and other Victorian towns with “Lost”). The pages foster people’s interest in their local history by viewing/sharing the old photos and sharing their memories of what has been lost or forgotten.
I have joined 3 historical societies to learn more about collecting and curating these images/artefacts of our past and finding out what are the needs of these groups.
The ‘Lost Pages’ also gave me the opportunity to produce calendars, postcards and poster prints as a way to help raise some money for these historical societies.

I am also developing my own primary school history/technology program called Lost Generations which will be based on hands on learning with the students working with historical societies doing real and relevant projects.

In April I have been invited to speak at the Victorian Museums and Galleries Conference in Warrnambool which is an honour as I am only a newbie to the history scene.



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