More than Dropouts


Big Picture: Unreal! Learning has had its first two weeks of ‘school’. I would personally like to use another word other than school (due to the negative connotations it has for many of our students), but they still call what we have and are doing…school.

This week our local paper published our “story” and highlighted that most of our students are dropouts. We were really happy with the article on the whole but felt we did not want to be labelled as a school for dropouts when in fact many of them DID NOT drop out. I would rather say that they bravely left the traditional school system because it was not meeting their needs or was harmful to their well-being.

I think they are brave because they chose not be be compliant any longer and wanted something else that could engage them for who they are and give them the opportunity to follow their dreams.

I hope that by joining our Big Picture: UnReal! Learning they will be able to find their interests and embrace their passion.

This would be UnReal! for all concerned.


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