I Can – real world learning

Here is a wonderful video (I was sent today) about an educator in India who started a program to infect kids with the I CAN bug. 


What impressed me was the way they were able to foster learning outside the classroom and this brought about better results inside the classroom.
The work and learning was real and had a purpose. Problems that had to be solved.

This week I had a breakthrough with a number of my students now getting out into the community to do some work which will generate real learning.

Sean – a shadow day with a building contractor

Bonnie – an internship (3 days a week) at ABC Learning

Brad – a shadow day doing computer work at Cutting Edge

Up until this time getting the students to plan these days have been messy, frustrating and problematic.

For these kids now they can work alongside adults and find out if it is what they like, learn something about themselves and get some “know-how”.
Actions speak louder than words. I could tell them about this stuff until I am blue in the face and the penny would not drop.



One thought on “I Can – real world learning

  1. I think id be able to do a shadow day somewere in IT. so far this program is giving me confidence to try new things.
    by the end of the year id like to have an LTI at somewere that is IT based

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