Real Projects

I have posted before how my students are nearly all initiating projects or keen to do stuff which is great.

Some ideas fizzle and die due to all sorts of reasons: they lose interest, don’t have the resources, don’t have the time or something blocks the process such as health, personal issues etc.

Many real projects come about when they are doing their internship with a mentor in the community. What most students are doing at the moment are projects of a personal nature or ones that benefit the group or the school.

At the moment these are:

  • Sean – boxing bag stand
  • Brad – computer desk
  • Aaron – renovate a racing bike
  • Bonnie – scrapbook for the class
  • Thaniel – picnic table for the class

Just the other day we had a breakthrough with an offer of a mentor to come and work with the kids who want to build something. He is a cabinet maker and can weld and builds/races boats. This is just what we have been waiting for so hope it all works out like we have planned.

There comes a time though that they need to produce work/a finished product that will be also academically rigorous and tick off VCAL outcomes.

This video shows how one school does their senior projects…very inspiring.

A 20-minute documentary about the Arbor School in Tualatin, Oregon, and their Senior Project program.


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