Born to Learn

I have stumbled upon some fascinating writings by a British educator named John Abbott. He is an active writer for The 21st Century Learning Initiative.

He writes a great deal about reforming education and in particular how adolescents learn.

“(Apprenticeship) was a system of education and job training by which important practical information was passed from one generation to the next; it was a mechanism by which youths could model themselves on socially approved adults… it provided safe passage from childhood to adulthood in psychological, social and economic ways.”

“Adolescence, is that deep-seated biological adaptation that makes it essential for the young to go off, either to war, to hunt, to explore, to colonize, – in other words to prove themselves – so as to start a life of their own.”

Why should we think the youth of today aren’t wired the same way? We need to provide a context for this need to take risks, face danger and be challenged…to grow up.


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