Books I’m Reading

I used to read one book at a time and when finished start another one. Nowdays I can have a number on the go at one time and not even finish some of them if I lose interest.

I am also in a men’s bookclub which will have me reading all manner of books.

My reading list at the moment includes:

Over the last few months I have been very interested in reading autobiographies, biographies and memoirs. Especially in relation to what the person’s childhood was like and how this moulded who they become. In particular I noted their experiences in school.

For example the esteemed TV Interviewer with his own show, Michael Parkinson, made this comment about his time at school… “When I returned from the first day of formal education and was asked what I thought, I replied, ‘It was alright but I don’t think I will bother any more’…’I can believe my assessment of school was to prove both sensible and perceptive’…he ended up leaving school at 16.

Our one size fits all factory model of schooling with its cells and bells approach didn’t suit Parky. Let’s provide a wider range of learning models that can accommodate the kids our current schools spit out…those that won’t or can’t conform.


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