Big Picture continues in Shepparton

I had been yearning for this day for the past 3 years after I found the Big Picture approach to learning at a workshop in Tasmania.

I knew from that day that this was the philosophy to learning that I would embrace and my hope was to one day lead a Big Picture initiative in Shepparton.

My opportunity to use Big Picture principles in a new initiative kicked off today with a new (old) class of students with humble beginnings but big aspirations.

My class is being auspiced by a small independent specialist school in Benalla (55km away), called Edspace,  to enable us to offer a flexible learning approach for disengaged teenagers. A great fit my program which is for students (about 15-16) disengaged from mainstream schooling.


The first class is made up of students I taught last year who wanted to continue with me using the BP approach. It will be a small class of 6-7 students so we can best manage travel, learning spaces, equipment and costs. Further classes may be added after 3 months if there is a need and a way to accomodate.

Each place/space will allow us to offer a wider variety of opportunities for each student and and will suit our approach which is personalised and based on student interests/passion.

This year’s first class of students and their interests/passion:
Aaron – plumbing, cricket and xBox
Sean – bicycles and sports (hockey, cricket)
Brittany – panelbeating, drug/alcohol counselling and event management
Thaniel – farming and sound/lighting for events
Brad – xBox, gaming and card tricks
Bonnie – photography and childcare
Daryl – cars, UFC martial arts and gaming

The students’ interests/passion drives their desire to learn and is the best way to foster engagement.

I am very excited about the year ahead and really appreciative of the support we have from Edspace and Cutting Edge Youth Services to make the Shepparton program a reality.


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