Clocks, pens and paper – school technology

Ira Socol wrote about the technologies of schools in a way that I had never considered before. Never thought of them as technologies…

1. The first technology is the division of time: educational time from other time
2. The second technology is the division of content: subject lessons
3. The third technology is the environment: home base or learning cell

I have been asked at times to survive for a week without my gadgets or have a holiday from technology. My son is also talking about spending time during the holidays having a break from Facebook.

Many schools/teachers are also posing to students to make time to fast from technology such as computers, TV or mobile phones.

How real is this when some of these are our communication devices?

ICT is an essential part of our lives.

Ira also talks about how there was a time in history when pencils, pens, paper and books were new technology.

How often do we hear people suggest that we should take time off from using them?

In the same vein have we ever had teachers or schools suggest that today we will not use clocks or paper. This week we will have no bells or change subjects. This week you can learn wherever you like….

Could schools/teachers survive without such technologies like they ask students to refrain from?

“It’s Kind of Fun to do the Impossible” – Walt Disney



2 thoughts on “Clocks, pens and paper – school technology

  1. I think it is unfortunate that people see technology as good or bad. We need to move past that – it is essentially agnostic, it is a tool, a very good one. It can be used for good or bad (based on a person’s intentions) but it would be the person using it who is being good or bad, not the technology.

    I do think students and adults alike need to find balance in using tools whether that be a computer, a smart phone, a book, exercising, eating. If we do anything to excess, we get out of balance and unhealthy things will happen. So from that perspective, a fast from technology, food, or reading isn’t a bad thing if you’re doing any one of them too much 🙂

  2. I agree, everything in moderation. Finding a balance of all things i think is the key. Anything in excess will have negative consequences.

    Although, i have just purchased a book called “The Winter of our Disconnect” whereby a family disconnects from “technology”…haven’t started reading it yet, but will let you know what it is like.

    I too, am baffled by the world we live in with all the gadjets, gizmos and whizz-bang things….but could i do without mine???….I am not so sure i could???

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