What’s so wrong with schooling

What’s so wrong with schooling?

The old factory system just cannot keep up with the speed of change.

Many students reluctantly sit in their seats all day but their hearts and minds are yearning to be set free to learn in the community.

These students are ready to step up and take ownership for their learning.

Alan McCluskey from the Swiss Agency for ICT in education sums it up: The 7 Tacit Lessons Which Schools Teach Children:

  1. Knowledge is scarce.
  2. Learning needs a specific place and specific time (lessons in classrooms).
  3. Knowledge is best learnt in disconnected little pieces (lessons).
  4. To learn you need the help of an approved expert i.e. a teacher.
  5. To learn you need to follow a path determined by a learning expert (a course of study).
  6. You need an expert to assess your progress (a teacher).
  7. You can attribute a meaningful numerical value to the value of learning (marks, grades, degrees).

(Inspired by post from Ewan McIntosh)


One thought on “What’s so wrong with schooling

  1. I wonder if you are planning to write counters to the 7 Tacit Lessons Which Schools Teacher Children. That could be an interesting response… How about:
    1. Knowledge is free
    2. Learning can take place anywhere and at anytime
    3. Knowledge is best learned in projects or solving problems
    4. To learn you need relevance, purpose, guidance, coaching, encouragement, and support
    5. To learn you need a project, problem, or idea
    6. You need peers and experts to assess your progress
    7. Progress should be shown through evidence, portfolios, auditions, productions, products,…

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