World Challenge Exhibition

What a great opportunity for real world learning. Congratulations to Shepparton High School for allowing students this opportunity.

See newspaper article (from the Shepparton News) below.

To make such a trip more relevant I would hope that the school would be flexible enough to allow Mitchell to do the following:

  • link his organising, planning and work for the trip to his school subjects thus giving credit for his learning
  • his studying of the culture could be linked to geography and english
  • teaching the kids to kick a footy could be linked to PE and Sport
  • his fundraising could be linked to maths
  • hosting the auction night could be linked to english (public speaking) and personal development
  • teaching english in the orphanages speaks for itself

Let’s hope the school hierarchy can adjust the curriculum for all these students so as to make their learning more real and relevant.

Such learning will help the students to be more engaged and then want to go to school even more.


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