Schools are like factories, the asylum and prison

Montessori School Phoenix Arizona. 


Quote from:


Brian J. Caldwell

David Hargreaves, formerly Professor of Education at Cambridge declared that ‘schools are still modelled on a curious mix of the factory, the asylum and the prison’..

…any wonder some kids wanna get out!

Curious why so many decide to stay…

There is much on the web about schools being like prison:

Freedom to Learn by Peter Gray

“But I think it is time that we say it out loud. School is prison.

If you think school is not prison, please explain the difference.

The only difference I can think of is that to get into prison you have to commit a crime, but they put you in school just because of your age. In other respects school and prison are the same. In both places you are stripped of your freedom and dignity. You are told exactly what you must do, and you are punished for failing to comply. Actually, in school you must spend more time doing exactly what you are told to do than is true in adult prisons, so in that sense school is worse than prison.”

I read somewhere that prisoners have more freedom than children in school.

Ten Reasons Why America’s Public Schools Are Like America’s Prisons

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