The Factory Model of School (Model-T kind)

That’s what I’m talkin’ about (Polivka Blog Post)….let’s move away from the factory model (T-Model Ford) of learning and start radically adopting the 21C model required for a more personalised learning approach. You could say the T-Model approach was the Teacher Directed kind. The teacher is the owner/imparter of knowledge. Back in the olden days when the knowledge was scarce this was very appropriate. These days knowledge is by no means scarce but abundant. So the factory model T is now becoming somewhat obsolete.

From the blog of Bryan Polivka

I don’ t mean that schools will go away. Universities, profs, curriculum, campuses–all these will remain. But the classroom experience is destined to undergo a dramatic shift. Why? Because elearning works better. It can be applied in many different ways. Learning at its core is a highly personal activity that the 20th century converted into a mass production process. We industrialized it, and organized it, and processed it so that we could get big numbers of students through a system with a predictable outcome. Digital changes that. Everything can be highly personalized, uniquely mine.

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