Ira Socol – educational reformer

Wow. My mind has really been opened to a wider view of learning and educational reform after stumbling onto (via my Twitter network) Ira Socol.

Here are a couple of brilliant quotes, talking out technology and learning:

“The majority of our students do “poorly” in school, do not achieve their potential in school, do not enjoy education. Doing it “the old way,” utilizing the old tools, ensures that they never will.”

“But now it is all about how you learn to find information, how you build your professional and personal networks, how you learn, how to learn – because learning must be continuous. None of this eliminates the need for a base of knowledge – the ability to search, to ask questions, requires a knowledge base, but it dramatically alters both how that knowledge base is developed, and what you need to do with it. This paradigm opens up the ranks of the “educated” in ways inconceivable previously.”

Oh so challenging but so liberating. And confirming what I am experiencing as I work with disengaged youth who have been spat out by the school system. (No disrespect inferred by the teachers and administrators – we are all pawns in the system).

As educators we must challenge the “system” and demand that it be relevant to all learners and bring about the much needed revolution…not reform, as that is just tweaking around the edges of what is inherently a broken system.

Looking forward to reading more and sharing Tweets together.


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