Students speak at U3A

The GV U3A (University of the 3rd Age) is a group of retired people who are still switched on to learn. They regularly get together in groups to learn what they are passionate about.

I was asked to go and speak about the Big Picture PRECAL class. A great place for my students tell their story about school and learning.

When I asked the class who would like to go there and tell their story, Aaron and Bonnie said they would give it a go.

On the day I was not sure whether they would both turn up as our city was experiencing flooding. Both Aaron and Bonnie both turned up, not many others made it, but they were both unsure about doing their talks.

Aaron was all worked up about the flood and quite anxious about his town, Mooroopna, and whether his family would be ok. Bonnie was going through some personal problems. The class student support worker, Dom, had a chat to them both and they both agreed to come (would decide later if they would speak) with me and we decided to take the other students as well.

Aaron and Bonnie both showed great courage to get up and speak. I was very proud of them both.


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