Minute to win it

Today for our usual PMU (Pick Me Up) we did a Minute to Win It activity from the popular game show. A PMU is an opportunity to do something fun and an opportunity to see how the students relate together, handle competition and generally handle weird and wacky activities.

We have had many different types of scavenger hunts, dug out bindiis, completed jigsaws, played Don’t Make a Word, coin tosses, played marbles and solved conundrums etc.

It is fascinating to see who gets involved easily, shows enthusiasm (or not) and willing to take a risk.

Today’s 5c coin spin (Spin Doctor) saw a number of students get right in and have a go. Some held back until the last moment and one girl would not participate for some reason.

A small handful succeeded in spinning the 3 coins and trapping them with one finger in less than a minute.

I failed miserably.

Will definitely do this activity again and may suggest to the class to maybe run a night for families and friends.


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