All teachers should blog?

Here is a blog post that really got me thinking.

Why teachers should blog.
“We live in a culture that tells us that you learn from your mistakes, yet which continually punishes and shuns those who make mistakes. It is teachers who have the power to change this. It is teachers who have the power to teach a generation that to fully live and to fully know one’s self is to fully live and to fully know one’s self in the public conversation. And that to be wrong or to come off as shrill is not always a bad thing; because those too are forms of experience and in reflection they too are to be learned from.”

I struggle at times to think of anything to write on my blog. What can I say? Have I got anything to say? Will it help anyone? Does it make sense? Why should I bother?

Why I continue to bother is that it helps me to reflect and focus on what is important.

It helps me to look at what I do and to try and find meaning and a way forward. To share this with others is scary and yet freeing.

Reflection on what we do is very powerful.

We ask students to do this all the time, so yes, all teachers should blog.


2 thoughts on “All teachers should blog?

  1. I think all teachers reflect on what they do. Some blog – many don’t. Not only students, even teachers learn from mistakes but more from successes.
    Here is my proposal: Let us share what works.
    I’m looking forward to a lively discussion.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mary.
    I think it is really important to share our successes.
    In our reflection I think we spend much more of our time on our mistakes/failures and this triggers change and improvement.
    So, perhaps it behoves us to also share these times as well.

    Where and who do you teach?

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