Frustrating day in class then….

It was a frustrating day in class today. The students were ratty. Some had partied hard over the weekend and were not feeling very well. The one lesson I planned some had found boring and were somewhat disruptive.

I decided to take the class for a short walk to where a couple of the students had been planting trees and there were complaints having to go, it was boring, and why would anyone want to plant trees was the grizzle along the way.

On returning to class very little work was done by some and I could not wait for the end of the school day. When thinking the day was a real waste of time one of the students who had done little work sidled up to me and shared some thoughts. He is a boy who has struggled to find an interest.

“Geoff, I am really keen to start up a business in being a DJ and to sell a range of dance clothes. What would I have to do? It was really good having the lady come last week and talk about how she started her own dance school. Having your own business would be really cool.”

It’s moments like these that make the job so enjoyable, and how you never really know at times when a student is taking ownership of their own learning…how important it is to keep providing opportunities for them to learn from others.


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