It really is one student at a time

A golden moment today.

Mr TM was totally absorbed in his work for the whole day.

Up until today, he was bored, disinterested, would miss class in the afternoons and really had no idea what he wanted to do.

He was never really a behaviour problem. Quite well mannered. He just did not have an interest that excited him to do any real work.

The other day he mentioned that he was keen on hardcore dance music (techno on steroids so to speak). He said that he would like to create his own mixes. I encouraged him to find someone who is an expert in this area to find out how he would go about it.

Last night he spoke to someone about it who suggested he download a trial software that allowed him to do his own mixes. Well today he did that and he was totally lost in the work.

We all noticed it and were delighted. So much so that two of the girls excitedly wanted to get a camera and capture the moment. “Look he is doing some work!”

Discussions afterward with him were around his absolute enjoyment of what he was doing, how he now wanted a job to now buy his own mixing/recording equipment. We talked about the need to do a resume so he can get a job.

The other really pleasing thing about the day is how other students recognised the importance of this breakthrough. They are starting to recognise and celebrate each other’s learning.



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