Teaching is not for the light-hearted

Having a tough time of things at the moment.

The realisation just hit that me working with a group of 16 teenagers on my own, with little support makes for a tough job.

I have had 2 weeks away from class over Easter, but we as teachers still think and plan when away from the class. I spent a great deal of time thinking how to do things better. Trying to find what will work with each student. How to make the program more personalised.

The job is too much for one person. I need student support staff as each of my students has personal and anti-learning baggage that resists my efforts. They need help from another to help them unpack their problems. And all this needs to work alongside them trying to work in a class of other students with all their problems.

I am still reminded that this journey is One Student at a Time and it is a marathon. I love the TV Show Survivor…will I survive?

When I think about it it is a bit of Outwit, Outplay and Outlast…


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