Internships and mentors here we come..

A number of students in my class are well on their way to finding an internship and working with a mentor. The first step has been to work through an Informational Interview activity Sheet.

This has been the process:

  • Research businesses that line up with student interest/passion
  • Write down local business details they would like to contact
  • Make a list of questions to find out information about the business that will help you to decide whether to go back for a Shadow Day
  • Phone or visit business and ask whether they have work experience students
  • If they do make a time for an interview to ask your questions
  • Write a report on your visit
  • Keep visiting businesses until you find one to have a Shadow Day
  • If you have a great Shadow Day consider making it an internship (LTI – Learning Through Internship)

So far Miss MW has nearly achieved an interview with a travel agency and Miss BC has had an interview with a panel beating business and keen to make it a Shadow Day.


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