Time for a vacation but…

It has been a long term, only five weeks, but boy, the dramas make for difficult times. We have had bullying, theft, consuming alcohol and some drug taking.

A number of the students have brought with them bad attitudes and bad behaviours that make it difficult for me to teach and difficult for other students to learn. Many of the class are doing well and achieving some good results however it is easy to focus on the problems and difficulties.

BUT… a couple of simple glimmers of hope.

The other day all the students were working quietly on their own projects and one of the girls had her book out reading for about half an hour!! She was relaxed and the culture of the room made it possible for her to do so. I was impressed.

One of the students’ mums said she had to go into her son’s room and suggest he switches off the light to go to sleep as it was getting late. I was impressed as he was working on his own project – making the Footy Tipping poster for the class.

Both are great little examples that when students are doing relevant work that is interesting to them then learning can and will take place.


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