Taser Surprise

One of my students surprised me the other day. He has been one of those students who just did not know what his interest or passion was. He couldn’t find anything at all that captured his interest to do a project of any kind.

A few days ago he asked me if he could borrow a pair of scissors to open up a disposable camera he had bought to school. This was interesting I thought, he is interested in doing something with electronics. Little did I know he was rewiring it to make a taser. And later in the day the students were having fun using it to zap each other!!

What I also found out later on was that the making of tasers were illegal so we couldn’t capture any videos or photos of his work. What a shame as he demonstrated a great deal of skill and knowledge about the task. I asked him how he learnt to do this and he said he had watched it on YouTube.

I am now trying to think of other “legal” electronic projects that he could now tackle as he impressed me with his initiative in this instance.


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