Classroom culture – worth fighting for!

I have been teaching this group of students now for 3 weeks. They started as a very meek group not willing to say boo. The second week they were getting more comfortable with each other and enjoying each other’s company.

One boy, who suffers with anxiety issues, spent much of the first week with his head in his hands and saying he had headaches. The second week that behaviour had gone and he was opening up and having a good time. He also did a talk in front of the class.

The third week and they were starting to notice issues and behavioural quirks in others that annoyed them. And one lesson with another teacher showed their worst behaviour and inability as a group to work together.

I spent the last two days of the week cancelling all classes and spending the time doing one on one meetings with each student to confirm the culture of learning I am expecting. For many it was encouraging them that things will improve in time as each person works hard to respect others in the class.

I constantly reminded myself over the 3 weeks that it is indeed, “One student at a time!” (The Big Picture mantra)


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