The fun begins

Well, one week with the new Big Picture PreCAL class has sure been interesting. There have been highs and lows already with me being constantly reminded of the Big Picture mantra…One student at a time!

Overall the class has settled very well with a good mix of students – academic ability, male and female, range of ages and interests/passions.

The interests/passions include:

Brittany – panel beating and spray painting cars
Thaniel – farming and sound mixing
Daryl – cars
Nathan – Car audio
Madison – travel agent
Aaron – plumbing
Sean – Bricklaying
Zara – Forensic science
Okkan – engineering
Justin – engineering
Zac – building
Tye – not sure
Aimee – child care
Makala – not sure
Bonnie – photography and sign writing
Kelly – photography and writing


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