Student Selection

We have had a great deal of interest in the PreCAL course. There were 24 interviews booked and my class will have 16 students. Over the two days of interviews we had 20 people turn up. There we mum and dads with their children, young people on their own and also some teenagers with their case workers. Two of the girls are estranged from their parents and seeking accommodation.

It is now really hard selecting my 16 students as I would like to have them all. But 4 will miss out and go into the next class. Hopefully the other class will get a full complement of students and start soon. Many parents commented that they knew of other young people who were having trouble with high school and how they thought this course would be good for them.

Many of the young people had strong interests/passions such as: cars, motorbikes, XBox, farming, photography, computers, plumbing, sports etc. There were a number who did not really have any real interests that would be their focus at the moment. Looks like interest exploration will be some of the main activities for the first few months.

This week will be preparing the room and trying to get more tables and chairs and set up my new desk on the same campus.

I will be also setting up all the units we need to cover and link them with assessment tasks.


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