Learning out of the classroom/school – most difficult

I am fighting for opportunities for my students to learn OUTSIDE the classroom and away from school. The paperwork and red tape and the attitude that significant learning happens IN the classroom make it very difficult. The importance of learning away from the school with significant adults is explained below.

Elliott Washor (Big Picture USA) says this…
In order to keep students in school, schools must provide experiences where students learn out of school. Students don’t have enough opportunities in the daily school routine to pursue significant and enduring learning where they are treated like adults by the adults they will soon become.

Many students — even those with good grades — are bored and disconnected from what goes on in schools. They do not see schools as the place where they can do the learning they want and need to do when and where it makes sense to them. Robert Epstein, former editor in chief of Psychology Today has observed, “In America, most teens face a level of restriction in their daily lives that would not be tolerated for hardened felons. As a matter of fact, a recent study demonstrated that teens today typically have 10 times as many restrictions as adults, twice as many as active duty Marines, and twice as many as convicted felons.” It is these restrictions placed upon youth while they are in school that prevent them from having the productive learning experiences that past generations have had.


One thought on “Learning out of the classroom/school – most difficult

  1. My son, 17 and in grade 12, generally sees school as an obstacle to the rest of his life. He recently took one of my books (of the conspiracy persuasion) and read it (that’s a miracle in itself, “reading” :-)). Now, he’s become a research nut on conspiracy stuff, spending dozens of ours reading online, offline, watching youtube videos, etc. He’s learning more now that he has a bit of a passion/interest to do so. Fortunately he attends a self-directed high school and he negotiated to use this for his English 12 final project. Intrinsic motivation is the key whether learning is inside or outside of school!

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