Student selection process

My Big Picture PreCAL class at GOTAFE Shepparton is now advertising and looking for students.
PreCAL is a term to signify a preliminary course to re-engage students before they attempt VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning).

A flyer has been completed. Letter written. Expression of interest form finalised. All compiled in a pdf document and now sent out to schools, youth organisations and employment agencies. And an article to go into the local newspaper.

I am now inviting interest from youth who have left school or on the verge of leaving. Young people who are 15-20 years of age and still would like to learn or need extra learning to apply for a job or get into a course.

What sorts of young people am I looking for. Here are some considerations:

  • Keen to learn, just did not fit into the education system
  • Have a passion or interests
  • They have been part of clubs or had part time work
  • Willing to have a go and not just there to fulfil Centrelink obligations
  • Balance of boys and girls
  • Range of cultures
  • Range of academic ability

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