POD – Personally Owned Devices

Here is a really good 3 part interview compiled by Sonya Woloshen and sent to me by @datruss. The interviewing was also by @datruss. Sonya explains how Personally Owned Devices can be incorprated into student learning. Some really creative ideas with a personalised approach.

Introduction, PODs in the Classroom

Wireless, Filters and Policies

Expectations and Attitudes

And…a really good slideshow presentation by @datruss on PODS…Digital Teachers


2 thoughts on “POD – Personally Owned Devices

  1. Hi Geoff,
    When I interviewed Sonya, I sent her the questions I wanted to ask related to the presentation and she came by a couple hours later and just spun off these answers. We did one retake of a section and I ended up using the original take anyway. Sonya lives this, it isn’t just talk! I think that’s why I like these clips so much…
    Thanks for highlighting them on your blog (and on Twitter), the more we get people talking about meaningfully integrating technology into their classrooms that faster we’ll change schools from the students on up!

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