Looking for students

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It’s all official.

I am heading up a Big Picture preCAL class next year for 16 students who are not at secondary school or who intend to leave school.

The program will be based on Big Picture principals of personalisation, adult world immersion, community partnerships, intellectual mission, context for reflection and teacher ownership.

Students will be enrolled in a Certificate of Education for Adults (Cert 1 & 2). We will be delivering units in literacy and numeracy, ICT, work related skills and personal skills.

I will be working with Robena (to a certain degree) who also has similar views as mine about student engagement.

We will be using a portable classroom at William Orr Campus and unfortunately have to share it with another class who will use it on Wednesdays. Hopefully this won’t interfere with the students work and their possessions.

I am told I have to accept the forst 16 students who enrol. What would be my ideal?

A mix of males and females, academic abilities, different cultures, ages 15-18 or so and some motivated students who will act as role models to encourage those students who are suffering from bad experiences with school in the past.

Here’s hoping this is the way it will pan out.


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