Last day in USA – Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

Our last night in the States included a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was quite a sight because when we started it was daylight and when we finished it was night.

The brisk walk took about 35 minutes and it was so cold…needed to keep moving. That was fine for me as I am afraid of heights from buildings. Which is strange because I have no problem with flying at all, even in a hot air balloon. I looked over the edge a few times which was really scary.

From there we caught a bus to the Haight area to get some dinner, which is not far from our house. The Haight is famous for its hippie architecture and its drug culture. The other side of where we were staying is the Castro which is famous for its Gay and Lesbian culture. The rainbow look is everywhere and the even have a very large rainbow flag downtown to really get the message across.

From there we struggled to get a taxi home and had to walk a bit. Finally got a taxi to the house to pick up our bags but he could not take us to the station because he had limited boot space. Tried to ring for a taxi but they did not want to answer the phone. So, we walked up and down large hills to get to the station to take us to the airport. We then had to work out the ticket machines and had a young man offer to help. I naively accepted his help even though Jon said he could do it. He was very friendly and THEN hit us for some money…should have realised. We gladly obliged and gave him nearly all our change as it was our last day.

The train to the airport was fine and our path through customs and security went well. So I flew out on my QANTAS plane and Judy and the boys flew United a bit later.


2 thoughts on “Last day in USA – Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Well Geoff, it looks like you had a really good time and reading your blog has whet my appetite to go back. I’ve been 4 times, you would think I’d like to try somewhere else. I haven’t done New York, Washington DC etc and would really like to. I’d like to take Reid to New Orleans (or as the locals say “nyorlins” )and Nashville. He also wants to go back to Las Vegas which gives Disneyland a run for it’s money with rides etc.
    You will have great memories to share with your family and friends.


    • Hi Kerry. Yes, had a great time. Can see why you love SF. Is a city with a great deal of character and plenty to see and do. New Orleans was really interesting (who dat!). Great memories all right and now to put Big Picture into practice with my students. Looking forward to the challenge.

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