American football – hotdogs and tailgate parties

Well, I never, ever thought I would get to an actual American football (Gridiron) game in the USA. I have been watching it for 20 years in Australia, one game at a time with the broadcasting of the Superbowl…it has taken me that long to understand the rules!

I never thought I would be able to get tickets but Judy spoke to a lady who said just to turn up at the ground. The ground was Candlestick Park and the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Well we turned up and got tickets ($129 each in a good location). All around the ground was parking with many people at their cars with the “tailgate” down and a BBQ and a right royal feast. It was like an AFL Grand Final, but they do this every game. The game had all the hype with cheerleaders, the national anthem, celebration of heroes, fireworks and a jet flyover. The pilot who landed the plane on the Hudson River was there to get a persoanlly named 49ers jersey. It was a great game with the 49ers winning 20-3. The American guy next to me answered all my questions that I had stored up over the years. Funny thing was Judy sat next to 3 people who were from Brisbane…a small world.


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