Universal Studios – What will be remembered?

I couldn’t help but ponder (when travelling on the Starway escalator) what would I remember about my visit to Universal Studios in years to come. We had experienced the Simpsons 4D Thrill Ride, Terminator 3D and the tour of the Universal Studios backlots. These attractions had the special effects, the special glasses, the vibrating seats, the water spray on the face, the wind at the back of the head etc etc. Great wizardry and all combined to give a great experience. But what would stand the test of time in my memories? Possibly just the fun day shared together.

Even before having the rides I had to consider whether I should attempt them at all. I easily passed the height restrictions but the next on the list was a caution for those who have heart problems. I felt I should be fine, and I was. Possibly my hardest moment, physically, was when I tackled the stairs rather than use the long escalator. I watch Tim and Judy take the stairs as we were rushing to get to the last performance of Waterworld for the day. I was beginning to regret the move when my heart and lungs were screaming and the legs were nearly gone when I reached the top. It took many minutes to recover!

Come to think of it, what we will really remember is the difficulty travelling to and from Universal Studios. The trip home was about an hour taxi ride ($70.00) and then an hour bus ride ($6.00). Going past Hollywood there was traffic and crowds everywhere…it was the Premier of Ninja Assassins. There was red carpet, cameras, fans screaming and even ninjas all around the Kodak Theatre which is the scene for the Academy Awards.

Another little memory of our eye opening trip.


4 thoughts on “Universal Studios – What will be remembered?

  1. Fantastic trip Geoff! loved the photos, and the insert of the Segway in use was amazing. How come we don’t have them inAustralia?

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