LA – muscles on Venice Beach

My family have arrived and our first trip was to visit Venice Beach which is only 5 blocks away. Wow what a place. Hippies, art, drug culture, recreation and muscles all in the one place.

Back in my 20s when I was in my prime I had a bodybuilding phase (don’t laugh) whereby I ran the Total Tracy Complex at Shepp High and managed the gymnasium. I would read all the bodybuilding books and mags and would read of Arnold Schwarzenegger and also Muscle Beach in LA. And here it was on Venice Beach. Brought back memories.

Plenty of evidence here of the poor and needy and those down on their luck. Plenty of references to drugs and also legal (???) advertising of it for medicinal purposes!

They had one section of the carpark roped off with security all over the place and looked like there was a film being shot. When we walked past one of the signs said they were shooting part of an episode of NCIS.

Walking back to our house we stumbled upon the Venice Canals and the housing built along its banks. What a beautiful spot.


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