It begs the question

Begging for Beer MoneyI am still amazed by the number of beggers here in San Francisco. Many use interesting signs to tell their story, some just come up and ask for money, some play instruments and one guy had his dog lay on a bed with a sign.

We have been told that part of the reason there are so many here is that the local governement offers food kitchens around the downtown area so many are then attracted here. I am sure there would be many other reason also. The high number of tourists here would mean it would be like bees to honey pot.

IMG_4226You also need to be careful taking photos of them. I found out that many of the buskers and beggers don’t like having their photo taken without giving them some money. This guy in the foreground pointing came up to me after this photo and gave me a real tongue lashing for not giving him some money after taking a photo of him…if he asked nicely I might have.



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