San Francisco Day 1

We are in San Francisco and it is all wow! The sights, shops and scenery is incredible.


Visited the MetWest school and talked wth the internship coordinator for an hour or so. Their setup is very good with advisories surrounding one open space which they use for a weekly ‘town hall’ type meeting. Unfortunately we did not get to see the students as they were nearly all out on internships. The school each year has a 100% rate of students out in the workplace with mentors. This is very impressive considering most of their students are latino, African/American and Chinese…90% of which will be accepted into 4 year college.

Again were heard about the depth of relationships the students had with their advisors and how this helps them to achieve their potential and dreams.

Our hotel is right in the middle of downtown and I am struck by the number of people who are down on their luck and begging. Every 20 metres or so their is a person asking you for a few coins, holding out an empty cup or someone sitting down with a placard asking for help. It is so hard to walk past them without giving them something.

I have wondered what their eduational experience was like. What would they have become if they had been able to learn by the Big Picture approach.


3 thoughts on “San Francisco Day 1

  1. So, last time I was there, there was a roof top restaurant for one of those downtown shops (department stores) that had a roof top restaurant (macy’s we think). We ate nothing else for the rest of the day. I just asked Jack (18) if he remembered it and his answer was, no one goes hungry in America!. It was 2002 when we last went and he remembers that meal very well. He turned 11 in August and we were there if February.

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