New Orleans – all that jazz

After a very early start it was off to the airport to fly to Denver and then on to New Orleans in Louisiana. Crossing the snowcapped Rockies was a sight to behold outside Denver.

I was really impressed with the airports in Denver and New Orleans. They were classy and had plenty of interesting things to see. We commented on how the first airport we arrived at on on our trip, Los Angeles, was really crappy in comparison.

After a brief rest we explored the French Quarter in New Orleans. It was amazing for its rich culture, antique shops, jazz and blues bars, eateries and old, ornate buildings.

We stopped at one bar for a few drinks to watch a jazz group called Steamboat Willie who was really good. We struck up a conversation with him and he said he had played all over Australia and New Zealand. He wanted to play his own version of Waltzing Matilda…which was really good.


When there was a break with his music we heard jazz playing out in the street. We rushed out and behold it was a jazz band marching down the street with a wedding couple behind it and all their guests following. This was really cool….however, one of their party had their purse stolen out of their bag while it was over her shoulder!! She lost a wad of money and all her cards. Not her passport thankfully. Just left a bitter taste for the night and a heightened realisation for us to be careful when out and about.


One thought on “New Orleans – all that jazz

  1. Oh the memories, I need to go back now!!! Visit the cemetary or ask someone how they bury??? the dead in New Orleans. Did you catc the train at Denver airport?

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