We are all like family

A really inspiring day today visiting students at their internships. They were all doing some great work in places like; car audio, City Hall, schools, call centre, architects, community centre and so on. The mentors all commented on their attitude, initiative and commitment.

I was also busy doing video interviews and so many of the students, when asked what they really liked about the Big Picture schools was that their advisory (class) was so much like a family and how well they got on together.

A number also commented on how their advisor (teacher) would not give up on them. One boy said he did hardly any work for 2 years and was amazed that he did not get kicked out. He said that after a great internship his attitude changed and now was on top of all his work.

It was our last day at the school and we gave out gifts to some of the teachers and students; Aussie calendar, minites, Caramello Koalas, Tim Tams and Vegemite, which they thought were great.

Tonight we went to old Sacramento which was amazing with its 1840s architecture. We all wanted a light meal as so much of the food was large servings…so we had chicken and vegetables stir fry and a chicken salad.

An early start of 4am takes us to the airport with a flight to New Orleans via Denver.


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