“Would you like soup, salad or fries with that?”

IMG_3867We have been trialling a number of Sacramento eateries and it has amazed us as to how many choices you get when ordering a meal. Today all I wanted was a simple steak sandwich but was then offered free soup, salad or fries with it. With the soup there was a number of choices and then same with a variety of salads.

As well as this it takes ages to check out the extensive menus.

The meal sizes are huge.

We are all thinking that our meals tomorrow will be appertizers.

We are constantly amazed by how well students in all grades (9-12) are able to work independently on their own work. The Big Picture design model with the skill of the teachers have created an enviable learning culture.

I did some video interviews fo the students and they all say they LOVE this school and how great it is to get personal attention. They all agree that this learning approach is great for all students and really enjoy their school life. It is a real privilege to witness.

Tomorrow we are off to visit students in the workplace who are doing their internships with mentors.


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