The Met Sacramento

A visit to our first Big Picture school – The Met in Sacramento.

Being a Tuesday, quite a few of the students were out on their internships, other than the freshmen (Year 9) who are in the process of doing resumes and letters to businesses for their first shadow day.

The tone of the school was amazing. All of the classes I saw had students all working on their own personal projects and very engaged. When I spoke to them individually they spoke passionately about their interests and passions.

MyFile 3

The school facilities themselves were pretty archaic. The principal mentioned that they are scheduled for a 4 million dollar upgrade which they will need to accommodate their growing number of students.

One of the students, Avery, spent the afternoon with us by taking us to lunch at a food court. He was very intelligent and spoke passionately about his interests and how he has written 5 fantasy books. He also has plans to go to a prestigious university in the next couple of years.



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