USA, I am here

Wow! I am actually here.

My first overseas flight (well, not quite true been to Tassie twice).

I had always wanted to go to the States for some reason. Not sure why.

The flight to the States was in one of the new Qantas 380 airbusses, which seats 1000+ people. I sat on the bottom deck in the last section of seats at the back of the plane.

After a 15 hour flight with no sleep…but watched 3 movies and a Lionel Rose documentary, we arrived in LA to customs checks and long walks to catch the next flight at Gate 88!!

The next part of the trip was to Sacramento where we are staying for 4 days to visit the Met Sacramento.

We are staying at the Sterling Hotel which is 115 years old and really nice.

Looking forward to visiting the Big Picture schools and seeing how the process or a personalised and real world learning environment really works.


One thought on “USA, I am here

  1. Nice to hear you arrived safely and are settling in.

    Hope you took an AFL footy with you to kick around.

    Look forward to catching up with everyone at Xmas time.

    It’s vey hot here over 35c every day now for a week.



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