Changing Channels – a learning alternative

“Consumer behavior is one of the hardest things to change,” Kilar says. “The gap between the existing and the new has to be so materially better that it shocks you into a behavior change.” (Jason Kilar from Hulu who bringing TV to the Internet)

This quote provoked my thinking in relation to traditional education and the formal schooling model that has been with us for centuries. During all that time it has been based on the imparting of knowledge. With the introduction of the media and now the www the imparting of knowledge is not restricted to schools.

Schools are slowly making the transition yet many students are stuck in the void or relying on the school/teacher to coerce them to learn…because that is the “system”.

I think that there needs to be alternative learning systems for those who don’t “fit” school…a system that will shock the student/community/school into a behaviour change.

Stay tuned to this channel.


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