Mobile phones in the classroom

20081001_cellphone2_33The debate about using mobile phones or handheld technology in classrooms is pretty full on. Teachers are challenged to find ways to use them in class in ways that provide meaningful learning.

I am still not sure on how best to use them in class.  I still find them to be a distraction to the student and fellow classmates. I need to establish some clear groundrules for their use and find ways to harness the benefits they can bring to learning.

Here is another article in support of their use…

Teaching School texts by txt

Teachers should relax about pupils’ mobile phones – they can boost standards and liven up the lesson if used imaginatively.

It appears lots of teachers like me are up in arms about pupils using mobile phones in the classroom. Teaching unions are terrified that if schools don’t ban them absolutely, chaos will ensue: the internet will become awash with pictures of teachers’ cleavages and embarrassing slip-ups, pupils will never listen to anything being taught because they’re too busy texting and bullying and abuse will increase exponentially.

To a certain extent this may be true, but it doesn’t get away from the fact that mobile phones are here to stay and are increasingly becoming a vital part of our modern world. As teachers we have a duty to show children that these pieces of technology are not taboo items – that they are not as harmful as cigarettes and heroin – and that they can have a very real role in the classrooom.

Rest of the article here.


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