VCE – Surely there’s a better test

This is a great article by a VCE student who realises the pitfalls of the system that reduces a student’s total education to an “ENTER” score. This is why I like the Big Picture approach better. It’s evaluation using exhibitions, portfolios and continual reflection on a student’s learning is a better indication of their knowledge, skills and personal development.

“So what is the solution? Clearly an overhaul of the current system with a review of its goals and objectives is in order. Until universities take a radical look at their selection procedures, nothing is likely to change. How much more sensible would it be to include an oral exam (where you might talk through your ideas or your achievements) as a percentage of our final assessment? Perhaps the presentation of a folio of achievements would go a long way in presenting us as individuals with a unique contribution to make. Perhaps a hands-on project in a preferred area of study should be a compulsory assessment task. I’m sure these are not novel ideas, but perhaps it’s time they were dusted off and revisited.”

This reads like Big Picture…

The Age

Click here: Surely there’s a better test

The VCE is narrow, inflexible and in need of an overhaul so that it measures the real achievements of students, argues author and VCE student Alexandra Adornett writes.


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