Students as public speakers

Tamina: “Me speaking in public? What a laugh that is. When I was at school I didn’t participate in my oral presentation which was a requirement. I just didn’t show up on the day, wagged the class or didn’t make a speech up so that I wouldn’t have to do it. I absolutely hated speaking and still find it very hard as you know from the Shepp High experience. I reckon it lasted about 45 seconds. And that’s why I chickened out at the other speech with Big Picture. I get all shaky, lose my words and my voice projection fails.”


Ashley: “I enjoyed it, was a bit scared at first I’ve never spoken in front of a group of people. I learnt about where I want to go with my future and what I want to be. Being a disability worker. I also learnt that speaking in a big crowd isn’t so scary after all. And I got a lot of good feedback after I finished my speech.”

Shannon. “I’ve been doing a few speeches for a while now and at first I felt like passing out but after I got over being too shamed to talk I was able to do it. I don’t mind talking to a crowd. It’s a skill I’d like to get better at and I’m slowly getting there. All I can say is that doing speeches has increased my confidence to add to my already loud personality.”


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